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Hello, Welcome to Green Pastures

Green Pastures: A Restorative Online Space for Women 

Created with the Intention of teaching you to REST.

We do accept donations, but all of our offerings on this site are completely free :). 

Come with a big appetite and get ready to CHEW thoroughly on God's goodness.

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Jeanice Sherai

Founder & CEO


Denise Wilson


Nya E. Williams

Legal Advocate 

Hey Y'all!! I am the Writer on this page! I hope to offer you many things using my first love, which is writing.   I would describe those things but that would be limiting God, so just stay tuned. 


A little more About Me:

I am a full time employee in the Financial Industry, a Mindset Coach and Holy Yoga Instructor :).  I am the Founder & CEO of Jeanice Sherai, LLC a Mental Wellness company whose mission is to Promote WHOLE Minds and PRESENT moments. Check out our website: if you would like to learn more!

Hey Y'all I am the Editor on this page!  I contribute to Jeanice Sherai's writing in all ways that "she" allows (*major side-eye).  No, seriously, we are truly a team and I pray that our contributions fill you in the exact places that are needed in this moment. 


A little more About Me:

I am a registered nurse with a Masters in Nursing Education.  My passions includes training individuals on the power of their Voice, healing touch, and healing energy.  I hope that as you journey through our site that you grow to learn even more about me.  Fun Fact: My favorite color is Green! So fitting for our site!

Hey Y'all! I am the Legal Advocate on this page!  I make sure we are obeying the law! :)  I also bring helpful information to you in season that deal with day to day world topics from a legal and college students view.


A little more About Me:

I am currently a college student at the University of South Carolina majoring in Political Science.  My goal is to one day become an attorney and advocate for people.  My passions are all things history and I am always up for a good and healthy debate with ANYONE ;)!  I pray that you allow me to show you a different angle for my generation as I continuously contribute to this site. 

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