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April Showers Bring May Flowers

By Nya E. Williams


Success is born when you keep climbing, without bothering too much about the biting cold, your tiredness or the time it's going to take for you to reach the summit.
Hermann J Steinherr

Being in my second semester of college, I am completely aware of the time in every college student’s life where they begin to feel burnt out...right around this time!

In this blog post, I aim to help my fellow students out there realize that May AND the beginning of summer break are just around the corner!

I know that many of us feel as though we can’t STAND to go to another class, SIT in another lecture, or DO another homework assignment. But this is only a challenge that we must overcome as students to get to our goal of being a college graduate or a short-term goal of getting to summer.

“So, go to class, do your assignments, and give that last push to increase your grades! Because all challenges, including school, have an expiration date and May is less than 30 days away.
Nya E. Williams

Make a calendar, put a reminder on your phone, count down the days when you wake up in the morning. Do anything you need to do so that you can give it your ALL this month and make it to summer!

If you ever feel discouraged, think of the famous quote, which is actually the title of the post this week, April showers bring May flowers.

Nya E. Williams
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