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I Believe God

Updated: Feb 3, 2021


"S(HE) is like a tree planted beside streams of water that bears its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever S(HE) does prospers." Psalms 1: 3 (HCSB)

Has God ever spoken to you? When He spoke did you believe Him? Was what He spoke completely contrary to what was going on currently in your life?

That's God. I mean if you think about it... Why would He speak to the things going as you expected them to go in your life? Do we really need a word on those things? Or do we need a Word on the things that we are working towards, building, dreaming of, and those things that are not going right in our lives.

I personally more than anything would prefer God to speak to me concerning the things that are out of my control, the things that are currently blowing up in my life, and those things that are causing me fear and tremendous anxiety.

Wouldn't you? If you could choose.

There is something absolutely mind blowing about God's still voice in the biggest and most chaotic times of our life. To hear Him gently urging us to trust Him when nothing is going right is the most refreshing voice we could ever experience.

This week isn't one of those weeks where things are blowing up all around me, but last week most definitely was...

Throughout that week, I felt God's calmness. I would hear Him reassuring me with the stillness of His voice and with His unexplainable peace but I still struggled to believe.

Fear was drowning out what God was speaking to me because it seemed as though (as crazy as it sounds to admit out loud) that I would rather give attention to fear versus pay attention to the words God was speaking to me.

This week is much better. Life has calmed down completely, but fear is still ever present concerning some major pieces of my life.

So at the beginning of this week, I made a decision!

I decided that whenever fear appeared, I was going to chant repeatedly, "I BELIEVE GOD," until those feelings COMPLETELY disappeared.

It was amazing how fear and anxiety had no choice, but to leave me as I declared loudly where my belief would reside, with MY GOD.

What about you? Where does your belief reside? Is it with God or is it attached to your circumstances? Is it with God or is it attached to your fears, worries, and anxiety?

Where does your belief reside? I hope it resides with God! Will you stop for a moment and join me in declaring loudly, "I BELIEVE GOD."

I challenge you in this upcoming week and throughout this month to keep chanting this affirmation over your life. Keep repeating it until you have convinced your mind that NO MATTER what life throws your way, YOU BELIEVE GOD!

If you look at the very first picture of me above, you will notice that I am standing in what is known as the "tree" pose in Holy Yoga.

This pose is so significant to me because it reminds me of the verse I mentioned above in Psalms 1:3.

When I am in this position, I almost always meditate with this verse in mind. I stand still in this pose not just in body, but also in mind. I completely focus on God and I try my best to completely remove my focus from the troubles I'm currently enduring.

If you read Psalms 1, you will notice that the psalmist is giving us true life strategies on experiencing joy in our lives.

He writes that there is joy for those who don't listen to the wicked, who don't go where sinners frequent, who don't do what evil people do (Psalms 1:1).

The psalmist states in verse 2 that joyful people actually love the wisdom of God and this wisdom is what remains on their mind day and night.

Did you realize that verse 2 is speaking of meditation? The verse is describing how joyful people actually keep their joy.


Meditating on what? The Word of God!

They are meditating on what God has spoken, not what evil is occurring around them, not their situations, not anything else, but God.

Where are you currently focused? Are you focused on your situation or are you focused on your God?

Join me in the Challenge Below in your Upcoming Week!

1. Find 20 minutes to sit aside for MeditationRead Psalms 1Choose the verse that speaks to you and your current situation the MOSTPractice YOUR tree pose

Side-Note: If you can’t do this pose, it’s okay.

2. Stand straight up instead with both feet placed flat on the ground.

3. Lift your arms up in the air as mine are in the picture or simply do praying hands clasped together at your heart’s center.

4. As you stand, repeat the verse you chose from Psalms 1 over and over in your mind or out loud.

Take moments after each time you repeat your verse and really listen within.What do you feel? Do you feel peace and calmness?

If God is at peace about you and your situation, then which disposition should you also be in?

I pray you join God in peace because yes life can be hard, but you serve a God that has already handled every situation that you’re encountering.

Rest in His promises and keep chanting, “I BELIEVE GOD”

The Tree Pose

The Tree pose in Yoga is a standing pose that promotes balance and centering. This is also a pose that will require trust.

Just a reminder for standing balance poses, You will have to focus more on your drishti (Jesus) than the question of whether you will sway or fall. That's how you will remain planted in this pose.

This pose like the Eagle posed you learned previously develops focus, strength, and peace. Using your breath and allowing your focus to be on Jesus in this posture will help calm your mind and release the distractions around you. Allowing for you to be quietly poised and stable during this pose.

Benefits: This pose stretches the groin, inner thigh, chest and shoulders. It strengthens the buttocks, thighs, calves, ankles, and spine. This pose improves balance.

It is a therapeutic pose for those who battle with sciatica. It also helps with anxiety by calming and providing relief in the areas that are causing you stress.

Caution If you have a history of low blood pressure or high blood pressure, do not raise your arms above your head. Doing so can negatively affect your blood pressure. Instead, only raise your arms and place your palms together at your hearts center (in front of the chest). If you have knee pain, use a chair for balance and to reduce the risk of injury.

Tip: Always work within your own range of limits and abilities. Listen to your body. Jarring pain means something is wrong, don't overdo it.

If you want to practice the Tree pose, click this link and go through the instructions provided. Remember to listen to your body.

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