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Philippians 4:13

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Weekly Journal Entry

Date: January 31, 2021

Verse: Philippians 4:13

"Building Endurance"

Dear God,

There is true power in being content in any circumstance.

I realized this week that more than anything, practicing this contentment requires a total mindset shift. I'm realizing that life is literally going to happen, but it's up to me how I respond to whatever is happening in my life.

God, you have provided your children so many resources for us to utilize in order to navigate life. Yet, we have to be empowered and encouraged to use them.

I'm learning, God... Your Daughter, is learning.

This week, I literally yearned to have a mindset like Paul's. I wanted the ability to consciously and consistently focus my thoughts on the good things. I wanted the ability to pray every single time I'm worried, but more than any of those things.... I wanted to be content no matter what situations I faced.

Sometimes, I literally find myself going down this rabbit hole with my thoughts. Honestly, when I become aware that my thoughts are no longer in this present place that I'm dwelling, I'm not even sure how they got to the particular place that they are dwelling. It's funny how our thoughts can take us places without us even knowing it and sometimes without us even recognizing the emotions that are directly connected to those thoughts.

So, Father, I've made a decision.

If I want to be in a better place mentally concerning my life, I am going to have to consistently put your Word to practice and leave behind my complaining.

I have a choice:

  1. I can focus on what's not happening, what's going wrong, or what I don't like, OR

  2. I can do the work I don't feel like doing and change how I'm viewing my life.

Father, honestly, I desire to choose option two. I know that this isn't just a fly by day choice, but one I truly need to implement and work on in my life. I want to learn the power of contentment in a way that these lesson walk with me and stay with me no matter what I'm facing on a day to day basis in life.

Signed with Hope and Determination,

Your Daughter Zane


Dear Zane,

Contentment is certainly key. I can admit that My son, Paul, was on to something when he spoke to the Philippians about being content, no matter what they were facing. It seems that in this part of the letter, Paul was in this place where he was extremely happy that they were finally able to show wellness and concern towards him. Yet, Paul still wanted to be clear. He still wanted them to understand that his excitement concerning their care wasn't from a place of need. Zane, Paul had learned to depend completely on Me.

He was simply happy that the Philippians could now do what they desired.

I taught Paul the power of contentment through the many things he experienced in life. It was the endurance and the knowledge of Who I Am in his life that sustained him. It is through Me that Paul learned that he can endure any situation or circumstance. It is through My power that Paul learned that He can literally withstand anything because it is My power that will give him strength. The power of contentment is very important, but more than contentment is the endurance to stand firm and strong no matter the circumstances.

I want you to understand that it is your character that intrigues Me and it is your character that I work to build within you that will do the sustaining. The more I chip away at you, the more you will allow Me to fill those places that seem to now be empty with My power and strength. Then you will realize, that I've never meant for you to walk through this life alone, I've always meant for you to constantly rest in Me.

I am so happy, Zane, that you have decided to take this journey. I want you to always remember, that it is a JOURNEY. Enjoy the lessons and show grace and patience with yourself along the way.

Signed with Love,

Your Father


Your Weekly Journaling Prompt


The Instruction:

God's Word in Philippians 4:13:

"I can endure all these things through the power of the one who gives me strength."

The Key:

1. Endurance.

2. Recognizing the power of the One who gives you strength.

Put this into Practice:

1. Google the definition of Endurance. Write down the definition that stands out the most to you.

2. Google the definition of Power. Write down the definition that stands out the most to you.

3. Google the definition of Strength. Write down the definition that stands out the most to you.

4. Rewrite Philippians 4:13 inserting the definitions you wrote down for those words in the verse. Read the verse out loud and make it personal to your life and current situations.

5. Journal about what this verse means to you on a personal level. How did re-writing this verse with the definitions, saying it out loud, and making it personally directed towards you change the way you received it? How will it help you as you go through your day to day life?

6. Pray. Pray and ask God to help you to live out this verse in every situation you face. Ask Him to show you how to shift your mindset so that you not only speak this verse over your life but actually believe that you have the endurance to withstand anything that comes your way, through Christ.

There is so much Power in Contentment but there is also so much power in building endurance. How has God been developing you lately to help you learn how to lean on His power and HIs strength?

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Note: *Zane is a fictitious character that represents every woman in this world that we desire to reach and provide a online space for them to rest and be restored.

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