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The Week of Love

Updated: Feb 3, 2021


It is so easy to get caught up in the "hype" of a holiday! I am a holiday girl! I love pretty much all of them, but I'm not a big Valentine's day girl! I mean I don't mind gifts :) nor do I mind love, but it's never been this huge thing for me! It's a nice thing, but not a huge thing :).

So I wanted to take a brief moment and offer you some tips concerning staying mindful in this week, especially if Valentine's Day is big for you and you often feel overlooked during this particular holiday season!

We are going to defeat those taunts of the enemy today!

I know it's "cliche" to say that even if love doesn't come in a romantic partner, you still have love; but, girl... it's the truth! If you want to experience love in this week, give love! Someone else is desiring it too!

How?Spend time with a kid who needs attention, Visit an elderly person who never gets visits, Make a date with a friend you haven't spoken to in months. The biggest gift of love is when we share it with others, even when we feel we are not receiving it.

Here are Five Tips on How to Stay MINDFUL in this Week:

1) Don't get Caught up in Commercialism! Don't let what you're seeing on social media, television, or on the internet be the driver of your emotions. Remember these things are created to trigger something in you that will cause these businesses to receive an instant sell. It's all about the money, baby! All of it!

2) Take everything you see being posted with a grain of salt. Everything isn't what it's "post" to be, but... keep in mind that some of them actually are :).

Just Remember, people (including myself) tend to show their highlight realm, not what's going on beneath the surface. It's very possible to be both winning and struggling simultaneously.

3) Make every effort to be self-aware. How is that post impacting your emotions? Negatively? Remove it from your timeline. How is that person's profile impacting your emotions? Negatively? Hide them until this week is over. How is that television show impacting who you are? Negatively? Stop watching it! The list truly goes on, but in order to become your best self, you must first understand what brings out your best self! Pay attention!

4) Defeat depression! If you find yourself seeing countless celebrations, flowers, engagements, etc. that are causing you sadness and other negative emotions, LOG OFF! Then make an extremely hard (I get it) and conscious effort to get out of the house and surround yourself with COMMUNITY! Love isn't always romantic, love is in what we DO. It's a action word and you have the power to give love in the same ways you're desiring to receive it. Purpose will lift you out of depression and the reason we were placed here is to LOVE.

5) Choose to BE HAPPY for PEOPLE! Don't make others feel guilty for choosing a day to celebrate love. Even if you're not here for it, it's okay if they are! That doesn't make them shallow and it doesn't make you selfish. We all have preferences. Truly and genuinely make an effort to have a heart filled with gratitude and joy for the happiness, celebrations, and surprises you see in this week. Joy, Gratitude, and Happiness are emotions that are truly contagious. They replace feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, and worry, so make a choice to be happy in this week. You deserve it!

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