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What's Your Story?

That’s why we have this Scripture text:
No one’s ever seen or heard anything like this, Never so much as imagined anything quite like it What God has arranged for those who love him.
But you’ve seen and heard it because God by his Spirit has brought it all out into the open before you. 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 The MSG

Pre-Written and Pre-Destined. What If I Told You? What if I told you that each and every moment of your life was pre-written (Ephesians 2: 10)? What if I told you that before your parents ever even knew about you, God knew about you (Jeremiah 1:5)? How would you respond? Would you struggle with the understanding of how or would you simply receive and accept this truth? Would receiving and accepting this truth change how you viewed God’s Yes and His No for your life? Would you begin to trust His leading even more? How would you truly respond? I want to encourage you today, that the story you’re walking out daily, is a story that was indeed pre-written. You see, it was written by a God who knew you on a much deeper level than you currently know yourself. He wrote this story of your life with you in mind. He wrote this story of your life with His best intentions and in order for you to live out your very best life.

I believe that a lot of times we equate our best life to be a life without pain and filled with ease. Yet, a lot of times, God’s definition of our best life will be one filled with mountains and valleys, good times and bad, tears and celebrations, triumphs and failures. I believe we desire a life without pain, but God desires a life where we learn to completely lean on Him. That’s our very best life. ~Jeanice Sherai

Your Best Life. What If I told You?

So… what if I told you that your best life does not always equate to the happiest of times in life? What if I told you that instead your best life is one that prepares you for your ETERNAL life?

Would that frustrate you? Would you determine that instead you don’t want that best life but would rather have a happy life instead?

What if that life wouldn’t lead you to eternity? Would you still want it?

Where do you stand?

I must tell you that a life chosen outside of your destiny and written story, may appear to look like happiness and bliss, but internally the struggle will be on a level you were never prepared to battle with as you live. God states in His Word that He knows how to work in us to bring about His will (Ephesians 2:10). How long will you wrestle with the life that He is calling you to? He will fulfill the Word He spoke over your life with or without your consent; you can either continue to march in your way or choose to turn to HIS. Yet, He knows the story, and no matter how long it’s prolonged, He knows exactly when you will give up the struggle of striving forward on your own and turn your life story over to His. ~Jeanice Sherai
Our Story. Many of us. Many of us struggle tremendously with our story; the story that God has written. We just don’t get it. Why us? Many more of us struggle with purpose and even more than that, we struggle with our Destiny. God, are you sure that it is us that YOU have chosen?

The hardest part of living out our story is learning the ability to drop fear, while simultaneously gaining courage; the courage to trust an unseen God to handle our very visible and present story. The courage to trust His way and His decisions for our life, a life that we have been specifically chosen to live. ~Jeanice Sherai

So what do you do? What do you do when the story unfolding in your life isn’t the story you would have written?

Do you continue to trust God or would you go to Him and suggest some quick edits (*this would be me* *side-eye*)?

It may seem harsh and heartbreaking to live a life that at times can seem downright hard and unfair. Yet, can we trust the Sovereignty of our God, even in the most extreme circumstances? ~Jeanice Sherai

Why did He choose me to carry this sickness? Why did He choose me to go through divorce? Why did He choose me to deal with the heartache of having an abortion? Why did He choose me to end up with AIDS? Why did this story end up being mine?

We recognize that God gives us free will. We take full accountability in understanding that a lot of times the consequences we encounter are due to us rebelliously stepping off His path.

We know that our life can end up on all types of paths because of our own selfish desires and choices, but do we believe that even in the worst of circumstances, all of it was still God?

How do you view His sovereignty? Can you see Him preparing you for eternity even in the hardest of times? Even in your own personal mistakes? Even in tragedy?

Do you believe He’s Sovereign enough to know you so well, that even that circumstance was written?

Your Story. What’s Your Story? Let’s take a look at this chapter of your story. If you think about the first two months of this year, how would you describe them? Really and truly consider this question. How would you describe this chapter of your story? I believe mine would have the title: “A Sovereign God who Reigns even in the Thick of My Mess.” I would start the description of this chapter of my story similar to other chapters of my life. I entered this year believing I was in control and God quickly helped me to realize that I’m not, He is. Thank God for that! Y’all I have been on a journey where I have complained the entire time and everything God took me through was for my ultimate good (*deep sigh). I was so angry with Him concerning my path, but He knew the desires of my heart even when I had no clue what they were. It seems, in this chapter of my life, once I mastered one area of my life, another one crashed down and this seemed to be a repeated lesson in my life. Within me I desired for it all to be wonderful and smooth sailing, but in most cases that was just not my life. There were always areas that pulled me towards God, while others had me thinking I had finally made it to the point where I didn’t necessarily need God but would keep Him around just in case I needed to call on Him to handle something in that area (*side-eye). I believe if I were to describe my story, I would share the challenges I faced, the wins I encountered, the lessons I learned, and the hurts I experienced.

I would talk about how I avoided attending an event that God had been speaking to me about for years and when I did, I absolutely loved it.

I would speak on how I complained profusely when my job was flipped upside down, I got a new manager without notice, and immediately had to go into the office instead of working from home full time.

Then, I would share that when I got into the same office that I complained about, when I completed a challenge that absolutely frustrated me, when I impressed my manager who I absolutely did not like, there was fulfillment and joy that I felt. A joy and fulfillment that I prayed to God concerning, telling Him that it was so needed in my life (*side eye).

It’s funny how God knows best, but we still complain, delay, and avoid doing what He is instructing us to do in order to better our lives (*Just like the Israelites).

So, what’s Your Story? What’s this chapter about? How would you describe it?

Our stories are written. We can either accept this truth or keep going in circles hoping (with no avail) that God has changed His mind. Which route do you normally take? I normally go in circles, until I realize I’m getting absolutely nowhere in life taking my own route instead of God’s. ~Jeanice Sherai

Now… let’s flip it. What if?

What if I asked you to write your story for the month of March?

What would you write?

How would you describe it?

What would you want to be different?


Here is the pen.

Take it and write. I’m sure as you’ve read my description of this chapter in my life, you’ve already rehashed in your mind, your story as well for the past two months. Were you pleased with yourself? What let you down? What did you love about this chapter of your life? Where did you not do what you believed you should have? Where did you venture off the path God was leading you on? Where did you spend more time complaining instead of being obedient? Here… take the pen and change it. What do you want to see in your life? Who will you have to be in order to accomplish those things? What attitude will you need to possess? Who will you need to have in your life to assist you with these goals? Who can’t continue forward with you in order for you to press forward towards where God is calling you? What will your story be for March? I believe that it is so important to take time to not only review our story, but also to realize that although God is in FULL control, He also gives us full range. He indeed steers us toward His will but in that Will, He’s called you to do limitless, powerful, historic, and great things. He’s placed within you the capacity to fulfill every goal and make every change.


So I dare you today to no longer sulk concerning the last chapter of your story, but to get up and WRITE! How will this new story be different? Who will you be as a character in your story? Get up and WRITE. Yes God has written your story, but don’t you know when He wrote it, He engraved it on your heart as well? I dare you to GET UP AND WRITE! Write your story and know as you begin to write that He empowered you to be great!


Write your story for the month of March. Who will you be? What will you accomplish? What will you need to change concerning your attitude? Where will you need to practice humility? Where are you going to have to work harder? Where do you need to rest and trust God? I dare you today to find time to pick up your pen and write!

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