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When Seasons Change

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

By: J. Sherai Casey

There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


Come on, don’t just read the word actually do it.

Inhale in… (Through your nose)

Exhale out… (Through your nose or your mouth if that is more comfortable)

Breathe until that thought is gone.

Breathe until that anxiety disappears.

Breathe until you recognize the warrior that God has planted within you.


And if that is not your story, then maybe this is:

You recognize the warrior that God has created within you.

You already know her beauty and recognize her strength.

This season is filled with goodness, confirmations and clarity for you.

I love that this is YOUR season Sis!

I pray you spend your moments always in humility, but constantly unafraid to fully embrace where God has you and constantly courageous enough to celebrate this place. It’s a good place Sis and this place looks absolutely wonderful on you.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the goodness that God has always had stored up for you.

Inhale the blessings and the goodness of this present moment.

Exhale control, doubt and fear. Give those things over to God.

Life is HERE!

Life is right here in this present moment. Please don’t for one second take it for granted. Don’t let the enemy come to steal this precious moment (John 10:10).

Choose to acknowledge this gift from God with me.


Breathe until you are filled with peace.

Breathe until clarity engulfs you.

Breathe in the joy you feel.

Breathe in the love that surrounds you.

Breathe in the opportunities awaiting you.

Breathe in this abundant life that Jesus has promised you (John 10:10).


It’s Healing.

Embrace this moment.

Seasons will always change.

We must understand the preciousness of this present moment.

We will never get this moment back.

We must make it a habit to cherish our present moment.

Even if it’s a hard moment; what would happen if we cherished it?

What would happen if we accepted this moment and didn’t try to make sense of it?

What would happen if we didn’t try to change it but just offered it a response of acceptance.

This moment is guaranteed to pass.

What will you have gained from it when it does?

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